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Optimize the energy efficiency of your home, office, or industrial building with one call to USES® Mfg Inc. Our products and practices have been proven to lower true kilowatt demand and reduce overall kilowatt hours and much more. We also provide superior power surge and spike protection while reducing your power system's motor wear and maintenance costs.

The new XL product line

Go green with our new line of patent pending XL products - designed to save your company money on energy costs while fully protecting your entire electrical system.

From utilities and generators to solar and wind, USES® systems belong on any type of electrical system. If you use power, then you need USES® for energy and monetary savings!
Green Solution Systems

What does USES® do?

We deliver safe, proven and comprehensive enhancement on inductive power loads. That means we lower your energy costs through lower KW hours, lower true KW demand, superior surge, and spike protection, improved voltage, reduced electrical maintenance costs and much more - all on one system!

Who's using USES®?

Some of the most demanding companies and organizations in the world use USES®. Across its broad range of applications, from office buildings to industrial factories, government facilities to recreational enthusiasts, over 5,000 unique sites currently use and enjoy the consistent benefits of a USES® systems.

Our mission statement

USES® is in the energy conservation business and our goal is to provide the highest level of service through our distributor network at the best competitive pricing. We are a value-driven company and our values include the following:
  • Striving to be the best in the energy conservation field
  • Making the world a greener place, creating and saving jobs
  • Building strong relationships with our distributors and customers