Confirmation of findings by the CSA


Canadian Standards Association report

The Canadian Standards Association, the equivalent of the Underwriters Laboratory here in the U.S., recently concluded a year-long investigation of the USES® Mfg Inc. Shunt Efficiency System. The report confirms our own findings, that our Shunt Efficiency System enhances performance, protects equipment, and saves energy.

CSA report findings

The results of the CSA report support USES® Mfg Inc. claims that include five specific areas of benefit to the power consumer:
  • Reduced kW Consumption
  • Reduced kWh
  • Increased Voltage
  • Reduced Amperage
  • Increased Power Factor
The CSA testing parameters did not include quantitative measurement of significant additional factors: soft-dollar benefits like surge and spike protection, reduced equipment wear and tear, and reduced total current content, including harmonics.

Energy savings for Abiti-Price

Abitibi-Price is the Canadian pulp and paper manufacturer at which the USES® Mfg Inc. system was tested. With the combined power needs of their 10 locations in Canada and two in the U.S., Abitibi-Price consumes the equivalent of one percent of the electrical power generated in Canada. While the CSA report discusses results on a single unit, there is a synergistic effect on power enhancement as additional units are installed in parallel. An example of this impact came directly from Abitibi-Price, as reported in an article in International Pulp & Paper Magazine at the start of the CSA evaluation process in 1996.

The CSA report on USES® Mfg Inc. Shunt Efficiency Systems confirms similar findings at scores of application sites in the U.S. and Canada, from private homes to commercial and industrial facilities. It offers objective proof that our power enhancement equipment lives up to its promises with enhanced performance, protection, and savings – good news to power users facing the new financial and operational challenges of energy management in the new millennium.