Financial Options and Opportunities

Saving Money While Helping the Environment

Saving money and energy

Financing options available

USES® manufacturing seeks to help  you save money and go green, but we understand that not everyone can afford to go green over night. That s why we have several financing options available to individuals and businesses who want to save on energy costs. Please contact USES® MFG Inc. for more information.

Become a member of the USES® Sales team!

Become an active part of the green revolution with a sales position at USES® Mfg Inc. We are seeking to hire motivated and passionate sales people with a basic understanding of electrical systems, the energy conditioning market, and who are willing to learn more about our products.

Our distributor network operates of the United States and world wide with patent pending throughout the world. Our sales personnel are affiliated with a specific "master distributor" but are given considerable autonomy in identifying and pursuing leads.
Compensation is based on a very generous and flexible commission schedule.

To learn more about how you can become a part of the USES® Mfg Inc. team, contact Clayton London of USES® manufacturing.
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