A sole source breakthrough in energy conservation

At USES® Mfg Inc., we're forging ahead into the future of energy management with groundbreaking new technology that will save you money on your energy costs. Our innovative approach to power conditioning provides significant energy reduction on inductive loads, giving your business a competitive edge when it comes to the cost and efficiency of your power.

The USES® system advantage

There are many ways to improve your electrical system, but USES® takes all available improvements and combines them into one simple system! Through the USES® system you achieve:
  • Power factor improvement
  • Voltage surge/spike protection
  • Voltage lighting protection
  • Electromagnetism
  • Reduced KW demand
  • Reduced KW hours
  • Reduced line noise
  • Improved load across phases
  • Reduced I2R losses

These improvements result in great savings on your electrical bill and in terms of equipment protection too!

Numerous energy saving benefits

Let our technology improve your overall energy consumption. With the above improvements your electrical system is completely optimized.
  • Reduced motor maintenance improves equipment reliability
  • Reduced magnetic fields converts wasted energy into useful energy
  • Reduced KW demand lowers facilities demand dollars

Call us to learn more about the advantages of a USES® system!

Complete system protection

The USES® system comes with a 3-year limited warranty, requires no maintenance, is patented pending technology and is easy to install. With an average 2 to 3 year ROI, installing a USES® system is a sound investment to save you money!