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The CSA report

You can take comfort in the fact that our Shunt Efficiency System was put through its paces and has been roundly praised by The Canadian Standards Association. The organization, which is the equivalent of the Underwriters Laboratory in the U.S., took a yearlong look at our energy saving technology and recently published its glowing report.
CSA Report
Shunt Efficiency System

CSA findings 

The CSA Report has found that USES Mfg Inc. technology improves consumer energy efficiency in several ways, including:  
  1.     Reduced kW Consumption 
  2.     Reduced kWh 
  3.     Increased Voltage 
  4.     Reduced Amperage 
  5.     Increased Power Factor

EC&M Magazine 

Check out the article in EC&M Magazine detailing our work with Strathmoor Electric- a Connecticut contractor that has had a great deal of success selling our systems to energy-conscious consumers in the Northeast. 
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